Sunday, July 11, 2010

Old pictures from 2005 and 2006

A picture from the train. My favorite part of traveling with the train is beautiful landscapes that you can see.

Varna in January.

Sofia from Pirogov hospital

Stara Zagora. This is one of first pictures with my compact camera Olympus.

This is University of Economics Varna. Really beautiful university.

This is the view from apartment in Varna that I lived for four years. I never get tired of this view.

This is Varna central beach.

This is my cousin. She is really great model!

Again the view with a cup of coffee. I never get tired from coffee too ;)

Varna sea in January. It is pretty calm.

When you travel a lot you stay a lot on stations. As you can see you can watch so many people and so many emotions there. I titled this picture Father's love.

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