Friday, March 1, 2013

How to resize your pictures tutorial

My friends are asking me often to resize their pictures and I understood that many people actually don't know how to resize their pictures.
So here we go, easy and short, two ways to do it.

First: How to resize a picture/photo in photoshop.

Open photoshop and your picture in photoshop.
Then click third menu, in english version is Image and then click image size
You have one menu to choose dimensions. You can choose the pixels, in the example the width is 1366 and right after there is drop down list. You can change pixels with percents for example. I'll give my example with pixels. If you are going to upload to a site, normally on the webpage there is  indication, near upload/browse button, what's the maximum size for the picture. If you have 700 pixels maximum, that means on the longer side, in this case the width. You have to put 700 pixels where now is 1366.

Second: how to resize picture or photo without photoshop.
There is one great way to do it, free and online, at any time. You need only internet connection. Here is the site:
You have to upload the picture

Push zoom out button to make it small until you see the size you are looking for in width and height (right after zoom out button). If you need, you can crop the picture too. Then you push resize your image (yellow) button. And after several seconds you have resized picture.

I hope it was helful!

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