Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY tilt shift

Back several years ago I saw one article about DIY Tilt shift. Since then I use it all the time. There was even one period I couldn't stop shoot like this. So that deffenetly deserve to be shared with you!
Here it is, an article how to make DIY tilt shift:Tilt-shift: A DIY Guide
Example for tilt-shift from the article:

My way of doing tilt-shift - just take my lens, unmounted, put it in front of the camera and shoot when I see the focus. Of course that means different results. You can check up one of my favorite photos made like this.

Of course I'll try to make the tutorial of the articles and later I'll show you some results.
Good luck with DIY tilt-shift and I'd like to see some results! 

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